• To undertake all the programs to protect, promote Human rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights of every citizen and to conduct programmes to protect the above rights of every citizen.
  • To take all possible efforts for development of girls and women from various fields.
  • To establish and run charitable hospital for the benefit of the poor and needy people.
  • To organize blood donation camps, eye camps, AIDS awareness camp, drug abused camp, any other medical camps.
  • To provide education and work for social upliftment of the poor and needy without any discrimination of caste, creed or colour.
  • To promote Health related activities especially mother and child care, HIV Aids etc.
  • To check and curb child labour and human trafficking.
  • To help the sufferers of natural calamities.
  • To undertake the management of activities of other institutions or organizations having similar objectives.
  • To establish and run libraries in different areas of knowledge.
  • To provide hostel facilities for students of either sexes preferably coming from slum, rural and tribal areas.
  • To establish and run old age homes and short stay homes for senior citizen.
  • To organize EDP for rural/urban, tribal and minority youths for self employment.
  • To conduct meditation and yoga classes through meditation centre with a view of elevating human life morally and spiritually to help them to adhere to basic human values.