About Us

Lalitya Foundation is a young, promising and full of talent group striving hard to bring up the young, promising and talented artists throughout the country. We attempt to take you on an enlightening odyssey through the vibrant world of artistic creations.

Since the creation of our agency, many private entities have given us their trust, seduced by our efficiency, our creativity, our dynamism, and a great capability to deliver the best and something new every time. This makes us become unique and personalized.

We are a team of experienced artists and professionals willing to approach with a very special kind of purpose – the purpose of spreading the culture of Art to every nook and corner of our country and create exposure and income for the young artists across India.

Since last 11 years, Lalitya Foundation headed by Mr. Prasad Pimprikar with his team is conducting the following activities;

  • Lalitya-National Art Camps and Art Exhibitions
  • Lalitya Kala Abhiyan (An Art Expedition in slum areas)
  • Art and Education workshops to the children of CSWs